• Diary Types
Types of Diary
Your guide to the many diary types you can explore

Why do people keep a diary and What is a diary? Diaries are a record of entries which describe what happened over the course of the day or another. In a diary, you can record things like your experience, likes or dislikes, events, adventures and many more.

Different types of diaries serve different purposes. Entries can include texts, pictures, voice or video recordings when you use an electronic diary such as Journey.

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Using a Diary template

If you are new to writing a diary, you can also start by using a diary template to kickstart your first diary entry. For a more detailed guide on a diary template, check out this article on Journey's cloud for more tips.

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What are the types of diary

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Travel Diary

Travel diary, or also known as Travelogue, are records written about the travel experiences.

Reflective Diary

A reflective journal to track your experiences and a space for you to pour out your feelings.

Gratitude Diary

A gratitude journal to write a list of things you are grateful for today.

Dream Diary

A dream journal records your dreams on a regular basis and track their themes and patterns over time.

Religious Diary

A bible journal is one that holds a person’s thoughts and reflections after a religion class as well as feelings that concerns life.

Pregnancy Journal

Write a personalized experience of your pregnancy journey in a pregnancy journal.

Morning Pages

Write in stream of consciousness style first thing in the morning in morning pages.

Food / Diet Diary

Food / diet diary is a daily record of the types of food and drinks consumed to estimate calorie consumption.

Health Diary

A health diary lists a record of your overall health history. You may also note down your goals, feelings and results for any particular area of health.

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Work Diary

A work diary records down your reflections about your professional life. You can write about your experiences, goals and milestones!

Academic Diary

Academic diary is a record of ideas, thoughts and responsibilities for students to manage their time in school better.

Fitness Diary

A fitness diary, aka Workout or Exercise Diary, keeps track of your records, goals, workouts and even your daily nutrition.

Audio Diary

An audio diary is a convenient way to capture and articulate ideas as all you have to do is upload your voice recordings on whatever you wish to share.

Creative Writing Diary

A creative writing diary records poems, stories, songs and other artistic records that have crossed the mind.

Secret Diary

Secret diaries are essentially for you to share and write down the most private thoughts of your life.