• How to Start and Write a Diary
Guide to Write a Diary
Tips and tricks to start your very own diary today
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Diaries are a private record of entries which describe what happened over the course of the day or another, free from outside judgement and criticism. It is something private and personal and a place where you can write about anything that comes to mind. There are different types of diaries like travel diaries, health diaries, food diaries and more. But if you are looking for one with collective ideas, or maybe you have yet to decide what you want to write, read our guide to write a diary find out more.

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Tips to Start a Diary

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1. Decide what to write

In a diary, you can also first create a ‘content page’ which lists the different topics that you want to cover in your diary. Some of which could be: Travel, Food, Health, Sports, Fashion, Academic/Work, Relationships with others and Sports. But if you want a separate diary for a specific topic, you can do so and consider putting a summary in your main diary instead.

2. Create a schedule

By setting a specific time of the day to write down your diary entries, it will help you to establish a routine which you are likley to stick to. However, it is up to you to decide on the frequency! The more you make writing in your diary a part of your routine, the more helpful a practice it will become. Remember to set a time frame before you write so that you don’t get too carried away. Depending on the topics that you wish to discuss, we suggest for the time frame to be between 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Writing your first Diary Entry

Before writing your first paragraph, remember to date your entries so that it is easier for you to find a specific one in the future. For your first entry, write an introduction on the purpose of the diary as well as your planned writing schedule.

If you are still unsure about how to write a diary entry, check out our article on diary entries for a more detailed write up which addresses questions such as what a diary entry is and how to write one.

4. Write like you’re writing to a friend

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Diaries are personal, so don’t worry about anyone peeping into them and just be honest when you write. Treat your diary as a trusted friend or family member and discuss things honestly.

Tips for new Journal Writers

If this your first time keeping a diary, don’t be afraid because there is always a first time for everything! Diary writing could be a FUN thing to do, and is also useful as it allows you to discuss and reflect on certain activities. But also don’t be too fixated on how to write a journal and let your creativity flow, don’t restrict yourself. Free writing is probably the best way to start writing.

Keys to Successfully Write a Diary

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While diary writing isn’t a competition, if you want to write a successful diary, remember to always be honest with yourself, don’t hold back and just write whatever is in your mind. Stick to the schedule that you have set for yourself and be natural. The diary is yours and yours alone, so don’t write in anyone else’s tone but your own.