Extend your journal with Journey plugins

Record what you were doing while journaling
Android Biometrics
Ensure that your journals are private and confidential
Apple Health
Take charge of your health & fitness
Coach Programs
Daily prompts & step-by-step guide to journaling
Coach Templates
Specially curated templates for you to develop a journaling routine
Custom Templates
Create and access your own template for journaling
E-mail Reminder
Receive e-mail reminders & stay on top of journaling
Elastic Search
Powerful on-demand search
End-to-end Encryption
Journal with the promise of security & privacy
Export to DOCX
Share or save your work in DOCX format
Export to PDF
Print and share your journal entries conveniently
Face & Touch ID
Keep your thoughts private in iOS/Mac
Publish your content to Ghost blog
Google Drive
Sync files across devices with Google Drive
Highlight Text Color
Highlight important points in your entry
Journey Cloud Sync
Use Journey's on-demand cloud sync journal service for journaling
Safekeep and record your memories for your family & friends
Link Journal Entries
Create links between journal entries
Location and Places
Keep track of your memories
Media Attachment
Add media to your journal entries
Secure your journal entries
Sentiments & Mood Tracker
Record how you were feeling while journaling
Shared Journal
Share a journal drive with your loved ones & engage with it collaboratively
Siri Shortcuts
Automate Journey with Siri Shortcuts
Track your logging frequency
Insert tables anywhere in your journal entry
Tasks List
Create to-do list to get ahead of your errands
Text Color
Add colors to your reflections
Customize your journal with 13 color themes
View your past entries to reminisce
Publish your content to Tumblr blog
Video & Audio Streaming
Stream videos on-demand & more efficiently
Record information about your environment
Word Character Counter
Keep track of the length of your journals
Publish your content to Wordpress blog
Write with E-mail
Write a journal entry from e-mail client
Connect Journey to third-party services