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Export to DOCX

Share or save your work in DOCX format

Export your journal entry to DOCX for easy viewing, sharing, and printing.

In your exported document, information such as the date created, time created, and all your formatting will be included. While the document will still contatin your photos and the thumbnails of video attachments, audio clips will not be included.

The entirety of your text format would also be preserved in your final document.

To export,

  1. Open your journal entry in the timeline
  2. Click the "Share" button
  3. Click "Export to DOCX"

To export mutliple entries at a go,

  1. Go to Settings, and "Data" thereafter
  2. Click "Export to DOCX"
  3. Select the start date, end date, page order and tags.
  4. Click "Done"

The Export to DOCX plugin is only supported on the mobile and desktop apps.