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Link Journal Entries

Create links between journal entries

With this plugin, you can create links between journal entries, allowing you to quickly switch between these entries within Journey. These links connect journal entries together, allowing you to navigate between related or relevant entries conveniently.

To retrieve and copy the URI of the journal entry you wish to link to:

  1. Open Journey.
  2. Select the entry of your choice from your timeline.
  3. Press ⋮ at the right side of your entry.
  4. Select "Copy URI".

To add links into another journal entries:

  1. Create a new journal entry.
  2. Highlight the word you would like to link to the URI you have copied.
  3. In the editor, select the "+" insert button.
  4. Click "Insert Link" from the options.
  5. Select "Entry URI" in the dialog box that opens up.
  6. Paste the URI in the dialog box.
  7. Click "OK" to successfully link the entry from the copied URI.