Media AttachmentMedia AttachmentMedia Attachment

Media Attachment

Add media to your journal entries

With the media attachment plugin, your journal entries can support photo, video, and audio attachments.

There is no limit to the total media (photo, audio, video) files that can be stored in your journal. However, in an entry, you can add up to 10 photos in multiple formats such as .png, .jpg, and .bmp, 1 animated image (.gif), 1 video up to 200MB (.mp4), and 1 Audio clip (.mp3, up to 10 minutes).

To add media to your journal entry,

  1. Open up a new journal entry
  2. Click on the "Media Attachment" (the paper clip icon on the bottom left of your tool bar) icon
  3. Click on "Import files" (paper clip icon)
  4. Select your files
  5. Click on "Ok" to add the media to your entry

To delete a media file or edit an entry, click on the paperclip icon followed by the red button in the preview.

To note: may prompt you to change the date and time of the entry to when the photo was taken.