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Google Drive

Sync files across devices with Google Drive

With this plugin, Journey stores your journal entries on Google Drive and keeps them up to date on your devices that are signed in to Google Drive with the same account. You get to work directly Google Drive and sync your journal entries across multiple devices without leaving Journey.

This feature allows you to access the latest version of your journal entries, no matter where you made your last edit. Stay logged in to your Google account, and the synchronization with Google Drive would be automatic.

With the Google Drive plug in, you can also:

  • Add journal entries
  • Delete journal entries
  • Modify existing journal entries
  • Securely save your journal entries on your drive

To note : You will not be able to see your journal entries from Google Drive as they are stored as hidden in-app data. This is done to prevent other external or third-party apps or people from accessing your personal journal. Journey does not have the permission to access to your Google Drive storage other than Journey's in-app data.