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What Are Journal Entries and How To Write Them?
Understand the essence of journal entries.

Do you need a place to jot down your thoughts? Writing entries in a journal can help you to turn your thoughts into words. The topics that you write in journal entries can be a daily reflection, weekly gratitude or even an opinion that is stuck in your mind. Unlike micro-blogging on blog and in social media, the great thing about writing in a journal is that it is private. No one can see what you write in a journal!

So, what exactly are journal entries?

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Journal entries are individual pieces of writing that forms your personal journal. They can be as short as a caption to as long as 500-1000 words entry. You can freely express each of the entry with thoughts, rants, reflections, and pour out feelings.

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4 Tips for Writing Journal Entries

If you have decided what to write about, how to frame your entry, and determine when to write, you will find that you’ll have a much easier time writing a journal entry. However, sometimes you might find it difficult to start a journal entry due to writer's block. One way to overcome writer's block is through streams of consciousness writing. You are just jotting down the first thoughts that come into your mind, no matter how senseless they sound. This is an effective way to get started!

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From gratitude journal entries, travel journal entries, to dream journal entries, here are some other creative ways to get you started.

1. Write a List

Lists are an easy way to get you started. You can write a to-do list of things you want to accomplish over the days or year. You can start an entry by bullet listing different things such as personal goals and things that you have achieved at that moment.

2. Use a Photo

Journey allows you to add pictures to your journal entries. If you find it difficult to write, you can add a picture and write about what it means to you. It can be a picture of a special moment, your loved ones, your pets or places you have visited. Use this image to get you started.

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3. Reflect on an Inspirational Quote

Journey updates journal prompts in the app daily to inspire and motivate you to succeed. Take a moment to reflect on the inspirational quotes and write your thoughts in your journal.

4. Write a Memory

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Write a memory that you find important and worthwhile to remember in the future. It can be something you think about often. Describe that memory and what it means to you. How did it make you feel at that time?

The best way to get started with your first journal entry is to download Journey and begin writing using this app. It is easy-to-use, private and secure. All your posts are dated and saved, so all you need to worry about it what to write. Use this list and get started today!